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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  January 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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for the rams to play as the team resettles in southern california. >> the state of st. louis will be disappointed. but it's a bit of a spiritual return for the rams so maybe a good thing for he area >> that's a good thing for southern california. >> uh-huh and that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great thursday. the drawing is done for the biggest powerball industry and we have one winner -- 3 winners. one of florida bit we have the numbers you will want to see for a piece of the 1.5 the in dollar jackpot. cases in florida cheju because of a supreme court ruling about the death penalty
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5 am thursday, january 14. the jackpot, call everyone you know. >> could be us. >> calm down. probably not ask -- >> changes on the way. cloudy skies today and including this morning and the chance for storms moving in tonight. 55 winds out of the north 9 miles an hour. it is chilly, jacket weather upper 40s in orlando. 39 in ocala, 54 palm coast 48 daytona beach and south daytona and 45 in deland. a lot of clouds with us so the outlook today, like yesterday warmer mostly cloudy 63 at noon. kissimmee osceola heritage park 67 at 2:00 in a format. mid-sixties by 6:00. tonight and tomorrow an isolated chance of severe weather most in the green shading we run the risk we will highlight the storms moving in ahead.
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first check of jacket -- traffic with deneige. >> i have been seeing them picking up cones so for 36, altamonte springs pick you see crews but they have picked up the cones. you don't have anymore lane closure spit construction of volusia county, i-95 northbound at us 1. you have a right lane blocked. keep that in mind. breaking this morning moment -- someone in florida is waking up richer. >> one of 3 lucky people to spit -- split the biggest jackpot nus history. kimberly eiten is live. >> reporter: the lucky ticket is only 6 hours old so we're waiting to see where it was sold you see how much it is worth, whoever won will take prize.
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started inside this california seven11 where someone bought the 6 luckiest numbers to ever be printed on paper. but the lottery winner will have to share their 1.5 the in dollar jackpot with at least 2 other ticketholders. one in tennessee and the other in florida. >> you cannot win if you do not play. >> reporter: add in others around the state were hoping to turn a $2 ticket into a fortune. lottery officials confirm one florida resident did and now people are clamoring to the website to see if they may be the winner. so many that a message on the page says it is experiencing a heavy demand for winning numbers fit we're waiting to hear from officials on where the numbers were sold and how much they will be worth when it's time to pay out the
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>> and this is just keeping all eyes on florida. people were already watching the state when the numbers were drawn in tallahassee so it is a waiting game to see which part of the state will claim the winner. life, kimberly eiten channel 9 eyewitness news. so if you have not done it get your tickets. for national 4, number 8, 19, 27, 34, and powerball number 10. triple check tickets go to slash wftv. developing in volusia county in a few hours we will find out how supreme court ruling could impact the case against the man accused of killing his wife and her 2 children. eyewitness news this morning janai norman joins us live in studio. the ruling could wipe out florida's death penalty having a big impact on this case against luis toledo. >> reporter: luis toledo is not the man you're seeing here but before the ruling toledo face the possibility of a death
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later this month for the murders of his wife use any a suarez and her 2 children but now that is likely to change. we told you last month when a judge agreed to move toledo's trial out of volusia county and now with the ruling by the supreme court it is unclear what could happen now that he is going to trial. here is that story. >> we are finding out this morning's 8 am hearing in deland is to discuss the supreme court ruling on florida's death penalty within hours of that ruling lawmakers were working to figure out what that means for capital punishment. >> we simply have to adjust and modernize our death penalty system so that it comports with what the supreme court has said. >> reporter: for now it is likely the 390 current death row inmates will not face death. we will find out what that means for toledo who is trial
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possible the state could go for the death penalty. our legal analyst melvin perry says in future trials, jurors will now need to vote yes or no to a list of aggravating factors that need to be present to apply the death penalty. >> you will go in and they will be asked, do you find this murder to be heinous, atrocious and cruel. >> we will let you know what happens at the 8 am hearing started today on eyewitness news at noon. jamie? meanwhile the orange county man who was sentenced to death for killing a 19-year-old oh to keep him from testifying in a home invasion case will be back in court tomorrow. in november he was given to death penalty for murdering alvar in 2012. his fate could be changed because of the supreme court ruling we will have more on what is expected to happen in court today coming up in 30 minutes. developing and brevard county, a cocoa team has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of his 21- year-old sister.
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noah walls hit the taller sunday investigators say the toddler then fell and they believed the impacts caused a little girl's death. deputies say 13 had been caring for the child a lot and we asked deputies about a possible motive. >> something frustrated to the point where he struck the child. >> we are working to get in contact with the teens parents and reached out to dcf and waiting for response. the orange county sheriff's office says an early dozen stolen guns are off the street and out of the hands of criminals. deputies tweeted this picture last night of the 11 guns they confiscated, one stolen out of georgia. last year orange county sheriff jerry dennings made it his mission to get stolen guns off of the street as an effort to make the community safer. school start times the change orange county students. district leaders are holding a work session today to go over all of the options.
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were discussed including high school times one hour later. the meeting will be today i was to me lee street 4:30. this morning the arts county school board is expected to break ground on a new school that will provide relief for orlando elementary school. the new school near south john young parkway will relieve millennia elementary. last republican debate before the iowa caucuses is being held tonight and south carolina and the presidential candidates are not holding back the republican candidate ted cruz is leading donald trump in the polls in iowa. but trump is not going down without a fight. he sent out a tweet questioning whether his canadian born opponent can legally serve as the president. senator crews is firing back. >> it seems the hillary folks are very eager to support donald trump in the attacks direction. >> on the democratic side bernie sanders has the lead over hillary clinton in iowa and he says he cannot let up meanwhile clinton's campaign is going after sanders on a number
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control. remember you can always get the very latest news on all of the 2016 presidential candidates by downloading our free wftv news app. in orange county, orlando police are now looking for residents help to find out more about what led to the death of a man found by a nightclub near baldwin park. last night police said essex taylor the 3rd was found behind the gilt nightclub off bennett wrote. when we find out more about the suspicious death investigation we will bring you the information on the air and on saint cloud middle school substitute teacher accused of having sex with a 14-year-old is back behind bars and will not be given -- getting out soon. sarah moore was arrested earlier this month accused of having sex with a 14-year-old student. she was rearrested tuesday night after police say she visited a verizon store while out on bond and as an employee how to remotely delete evidence on a phone. moore told police she was right to delete information on her daughter's phone and denied
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a water bill that was 2 years in the making is taken up by the florida out today. the proposal would set waterflow levels for the state natural springs and.guidelines for the central florida water initiative of regional water supply than -- planning effort and pass the senate. the measure has also faced opposition from environmentalist who say it does not go far enough to ensure clean waterways. 5:09 am. checking weather and traffic every ten minutes. tracking changes. >> big changes of the next 24 hours per dry "today" lots of clouds. tonight rain chance and storm chances 60 percent up to 80 percent chance tomorrow with an isolated severe weather threat so be sure to have our free weather app azan alerts tab if any watches or warnings are issued be the first to know. numbers in the 40s, 49 mineola, 46 by visitors tower as we swing back toward lake mary, longwood in altamonte springs. upper 40s to near 50 so you
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in the 60s for today, coming up we will track a threat with future track. 5:10 am. deneige. >> i 4, ivanhoe. i pulled this up because we had construction here in the westbound traffic but we don't have that anymore. you look good in both directions on i 4 at this point. in volusia county we have a spot of construction, i-95 north on us 1 you do have one right lane blocked for now i will certainly get -- let you know the changes. we don't have any crashes i will let you know the changes. jamie? of them it was a john rush to safety when a room in the home caught fire. a christmas present they say is to blame. the public demands police are making a volusia county to get more money. more changes in security out of disney world it the next
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good morning on nancy alvarez. 5:14 am. thursday. looking at downtown orlando. maybe someone is holding the winning powerball ticket perhaps in florida. more on that in on changes on the way.
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>> lake county leaders consider turning to residents to help improve the county fire rescue department along with replacing the fire station union leaders claim the department is understaffed and not being -- meeting standards it chief says the economic downturn what's up in the fire department is starting to bounce back. assistant or lotto child -- fire chief cleared of wrongdoing in the cheating scandal involving orange county fire rescue. 5 orange county firefighters why the fires, disciplined or resigns. investigators say they cheated on an exam to become certified in pediatric life-support. orlando assistant chief has -- was initially located in the coverup but was -- did not find enough evidence in the involvement. florida man was shot and killed in a theater by a retired police captain. curtis reed is accused of killing olson and 2014 in a movie theater north of tampa. investigators say the argument between the 2 over texting
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shooting pickles and wife argued that the movie theater failed to enforce its own no weapons policy daytona beach mayors's progress is being made on several major projects in the city. derek henry is making rounds speech of hours of a local hotel and lodging association yesterday that he highlighted projects such as the speedway renovation and new outlet mall in street improvements despite that henry says there are still challenges ahead, including how to handle outstanding liens on beach properties. the daytona rising project has one more big milestone ahead before the final. >> the green light to start moving chairs and other items into the stadium. the final seat for the stadium will be installed next week. after 2 years of renovations, the $400 million project will be ready for the first race the rolex 24 on january 29. orlando told us it is taken trees. tuesday we told you this man is suing the city after a 3
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and he -- as he was driving down robinson distribute attorneys show us in order to remove the tree 5 years before it fell. yesterday the city said all priority one and 2 trees have now been removed and they gave us 1000 pages of documents. the next time you take a trip to walt disney world you may see changes in security pit last month we showed you disney sea world and universal installed metal detectors at their orlando parks. disney has been using a private security firm as part of the stepped up security pit now it is hiring its own security officers and will run its security operation in house. here's another example of how they want to control people who are working in the park in order to provide the guest experience that it is known for. >> disney says animal kingdom is already transitioned to that in-house security. the other parts will follow sometime during the next month. big changes. >> big changes in the weather as well.
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>> rain and storms and tonight severe weather threat includes late tonight and tomorrow morning at this time. something we need to watch for. we will take you through it. downtown orlando will show you what's going on. 48 and chilly, jacket weather again you may want to have a switcher throughout the day. it will stay cool. 39 ocala, 48 toward sanford and whites landing, 55 back through cocoa beach. there are the clouds. just like yesterday we saw clouds rolling in and it is around today. cloudy skies and then we was see the storm system from the gulf of mexico that will eventually be working in. through the day, mostly cloudy slightly milder than yesterday. future track, 10 am, breaks in sun and clouds. we may see a slide chance of a shower this evening in the southern zones by 6:00. during the day we will be on outdoors. tonight this is by midnight
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of rain and storms working in through the night i will be here to watch out and see if we have any rotation in any of the storms. you see it blowing through early in the morning. 5:00 tomorrow, rain storms come by from the west to the east and another line as the front kicks through by 2:00 so you can see more rain and storms four-time as we head tomorrow afternoon. tonight or tomorrow slight risk of tornadoes and in some of the storms we could have winds gusting over 50 miles an hour. that's why we have been highlighting our weather app that has alerts on it. most of us in the upper 60s today toward brevard county a little bit cooler in flagler county.'s mostly cloudy relatively cool today, rain and storms are covering the severe weather threat for tonight and again tomorrow. tomorrow 75 with periods of rain and storms and big changes for the weekend. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, saturday everything is on track between systems. 74, sunday's storm system will yank down some cold weather a
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on sunday and that is going to usher in another chill barely to 60 degrees on monday. we will wake up to 30s and 40s in a chance of frost again early next week. 5:20 am. a look at construction with deneige. >> the only spots left are in volusia county, after 44 you will have one lane blocked for destruction and 9 miles north of that. before you get to taylor road another lane shut down for construction but it does not seem to be causing issues. i will let you know when they pick up the codes. massive crush a low -- wrote in volusia county as close as workers prepare the arches and holly hill. a car slammed into it in 2014. the volusia county council set aside $130,000 to stabilize the arch. part of the street will be closed through next month. the arches were once part of the riviera hotel. transponders may not be the only change to happen for toll road drivers. the new app transportation officials are considering to
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3 big powerball winner so far and at least one is here in florida. we are asking where it was sold and how much each winner will get. orlando city fans will have to wait longer than expected to
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karim volusia county port orange police officers are making a public demand for more raises. the officers paid to have messages put up on billboards alongside us 1 which they first to respond, last to get paid. the city has offered 3 percent raise over the next 2 years and 6.5 percent increase for starting officers. >> it is time to start playing games -- stop playing games with employees you rely on everyday but if you don't pay officers and a pale for other jobs in other cities. >> special magistrate judge could be forced to decide the issue sometime in the next few months. researchers say they are ready to file a report of the remains of 51 people found at a closed reform school in florida. researchers from the university of south florida dug up the bodies buried at the arthur g dozier school for boys in
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the school closed in 2011. some people claim the bodies belong to children who were abused and died at the facility did the reports should be sent to the governor's office next week. with all the excitement over a florida winner in the powerball jackpot, there could be changes for people who buy florida lottery scratch off tickets. discussing a measure limiting the number of scratch off games you can play in cap ticket prices at $5 bit some say the lottery victimizes the states poor citizens. covering orange county construction delays at the new stadium in downtown will force orlando city soccer team to play the entire 2006 -- 2016 season at the teacher ball, phil rollins made the announcement yesterday earlier this week we showed you construction darted to move now above ground. the new stadium originally supposed to open in the fall and now will not be ready though until they start the 2017 season.
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florida a chance to host a major tournament. the woodlands national championship was mostly played in the new stadium later this year but without the stadium the 2016 college cup will be moved this time it will go to north carolina. the 2017 tournament will stay -- playing for the new stadium. just have to be patient >> it is a lot of work. >> a waste ago. a new bill aimed at getting healthcare for more children in florida is moving through tallahassee. >> how the proposal will help legal immigrants soon that before. and someone is taking home part of that 1.5 $1.5 billion payout. coming up how many ways they will have to split the price. storms are getting closer midnight severe weather threat. we will break
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5:30 am a live look at the lottery office in orlando with
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